Radio Archives-Misc

Here are other examples of radio programs I have hosted and produced (on

Career Workshop, DC/Arlington – Two Recent College Grads in International Affairs (in the Coliving Revolution):

Arlington/DC Civil Rights Lawyer Mike Lieberman – Interview – Head of Arlington County Democratic Committee:

Thurgood Marshall Video-Documentary Fundraiser, in DC – Live Radio Coverage at the Event – An Experimental Project:

CEO of Largest US Anti-Tobacco Nonprofit (DC) – Interview, Cheryl Healton – Phoenix, AZ – National CDC Anti-Tobacco Conference:

National Institutes of Health Anti-Tobacco Psychologist – Interview – Smoking Cessation, Including Minority Focus of Research:

Smoking Cessation On-Air Support Group – Inova Hospitals:

Mayo Clinic’s Rare On-Site Residential Smoking-Cessation Program – Interview with Molly, Inova Hospitals Patient: